Overwatch League 2022 season schedule and map pool announced

The Overwatch League announced its schedule and map pool for the 2022 season on Friday. While the map pool will change with future tournaments, this new format replaces the Assault map with the Push map.

Additionally, every map type other than Control will have a new map for players to compete on. While fans may know some of the previous matches of the 2022 calendar, now the entire roster is available for fans to see.

For fans looking forward to the Overwatch 2 map changes, here is the map pool for the 2022 season:

-Control maps: Ilios, Lijiang Tower and Oasis
-Hybrid maps: Eichenwalde, King's Row and Midtown (New York)
-Escort maps: Dorado, Route 66, Watchpoint Gibraltar and Circuit Royal (Monte Carlo)
-Push maps: Colosseo (Rome), New Queen Street (Toronto)
Many fan and player favorite maps return to 2022, including King's Row, Ilios, Eichenwalde and Dorado. As for the new Push game mode, both Colosseo and New Queen Street will make their Overwatch League debut.

In previous seasons of the Overwatch League, certain metas have long dominated. The people in charge of the league have made many attempts to add more variety to the games, including 2/2/2 locks and hero pools. Overwatch 2 now only has five players per team, so the lock is now 1/2/2.

After showing the first 2022 matchups for teams in the league, the full schedule is now available on the Overwatch League website.
New Overwatch League season It launches on YouTube on May 5, 2022.


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