The Most Preferred Processor and Graphics Card Brand of Players Has Been Announced!

Steam The results of the hardware and software survey published monthly by March 2022 revealed the hardware brands most used during the period. Intel ve NVIDIAin their own fields AMDIt continues to establish a great advantage against .

Steam, the world's largest gaming platform and with hundreds of thousands of players online every second, also sheds light on the competition between major hardware manufacturers with the reports it publishes. Here is the report in question for the period of March 2022 Steam datas It was also published today. Bride, Steam in March 2022Let's see which manufacturer has the lead in .

The data created with the information provided by Steam users reveals which computer components players prefer the most. March 2022 According to the data of the period, it has been a leader in its field for a long time. NVIDIA and Intel became the players' choice this month as well.

Steam conducts a monthly survey to collect data on what kind of computer software and hardware our customers use. Participation in these surveys is voluntary and does not require identification. The information obtained provides a great help to us in deciding what kind of technology investments we will make in the future or what kind of products we will offer.

According to shared data 69,34% of gamers preferred Intel processors in their computer processors. The only second choice in the world for processor selection AMD ise %30,66received a share. AMDcontinued to succumb to its biggest rival on the graphics card side. 77,13% of gamers prefer NVIDIA 14,15% if AMDIt's been since. 8,52% were Intel users. NVIDIA's share against AMD saw a slight increase this month.

Other prominent results from Steam data were as follows:

  • 51,48% of all players have 16 GB of RAM,
  • 33,52% quad-core processor,
  • 7,95% NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card,
  • 67,24% of it is 1920 x 1080 resolution,
  • 52,68% more than 1 TB of storage,
  • 74,69% preferred Windows 10 64-bit operating system.

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