Philips announces two new gaming monitors with 4K and QHD resolutions

Philips has launched two new high-end monitors for PC and console gaming. 27M1F5500P ve 27M1F5800They feature 27-inch IPS displays with high resolution and refresh rates, making them ideal for fast-paced competitive gaming.


The 27M1F5500P is the lower-end model offering QHD 16 x 9 resolution with a 2560:1440 aspect ratio. Its 240Hz refresh rate is fast enough for competitive gaming, and it also has a one-millisecond Gray to Gray (GtG) response time.

Multiple connectivity options available on the 27M1F5500P make it compatible with most consoles and computers. It includes two HDMI 2.0 ports, two DisplayPort 1.4, and a four-port USB hub with fast charging compatibility. There is also a 3,5 millimeter audio jack for connecting headphones and speakers.

The 27M1F5500P features a classic all-black finish with thin bezels on the top and sides for a bezel-less look. One of the more eye-catching features is the gray stand with a studded, pincer-like base that gives it a distinctive look that stands out from the competition. Adjustability options include 130 millimeters of height adjustment, 90 degrees swivel and 45 degrees swivel. The tilt adjustment of the monitor varies between -5 and 20 degrees.


Higher in the range, the 27M1F5800 looks the same as the 27M1F5500P, sharing most of its features like adjustability and connectivity options. A minor difference between the two is that the 27M1F5800 has faster HDMI 2.0 ports instead of the HDMI 2.1 versions found in its sibling.

The main advantage of the 27M1F5800 over the 27M1F5500P is its higher resolution. It offers 144K UHD resolution with a 4Hz refresh rate and one millisecond GtG response time. While the refresh rate is lower than the QHD 27M1F5500P, it's still fast, higher than consoles and most GPUs can handle, given the premium resolution.

27M1F5500P ve 27M1F5800 currently listed on the Philips website, however no pricing information is currently available.


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