PlayStation 5 Pro Revealed That Sony Will Have 5 Times More Performance Than PS2,5

PlayStation 5 Pro New rumors about the Ps5 console may be considering the fourth anniversary of its release, as well as the release year for the Ps5 Pro. According to this leaked information, the PS5 Pro has a much more powerful GPU than the current model. To NVIDIA's Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS)i and even AMD's Freesync (FSR 2.0) It was shared that the technology will have an alternative.

Sony, PlayStation 5 Pro AMDIt is expected to use the new processor of . TSMC by 4nm or a 5nm will be produced by the fabrication process, GPU your performance 2 cat and real-time ray tracing performance. will be increased by 2.5 times is stated. The new processor RDNA3 based on architecture AMD GPUsIt is still unclear whether he will use .

Sony, PlayStation 5 Pro in 4K resolution and more at high frame rates It will let you play games and the game graphics are more fluid and smooth even on huge screens. detailed will appear. Nvidia DLSS ve AMDFSR It has been stated that supersampling technologies such as Interestingly, according to the source, Sony is on the console. FSR2.0 will not use. Instead, the company has released its own exclusive PlayStation 5 Pro. It will be super sampling.

PlayStation 5 Proof the announcement In 2024 expected to be done.

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