Playstation 5 software is cracked!

Piracy wasn't such a big deal on Sony's latest PlayStation 5 consoles, but it looks like someone managed to break the security on the PS5. The action was taken by mod maker Lance McDonald, who modified Bloodborne to run at 60fps, and was uploaded to Twitter. It showed a user how the software could access the PS5's debug menu.

Additionally, game backups can be loaded on a PS5 with the software installed; Twitter images show that the unlisted PT demo has been uploaded to the system, although it is not playable on the system. The makers claimed that the exploit only worked about 30% of the time and had multiple potential points of failure.

The vulnerability will only work on consoles with firmware version 2021 from October 4.03, and it's possible for PS5s with earlier firmware to run it, according to its creator. The software in its current state won't be very useful for casual gamers, as the creator of the exploit states that hackers and people wondering what's under the hood of the PS5 would find it worth installing.

Sony often strictly protects its possible Playstation 5 and 4 consoles from piracy with regular firmware updates.

Nintendo also has a notable piracy problem, as emulators for Switch are available online.

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