PlayStation VR 2 Pre-Orders: Sign Up Now for Notifications

Although it is not clear when PlayStation VR 2 will be released, it is certain that PSVR 2 pre-orders will run out quickly. Sony hasn't officially opened pre-orders yet, but eager customers can sign up to receive news and announcements directly. Since PSVR 2 will be a new product, being notified as soon as it arrives can be key to pre-ordering. Also, to get a glimpse of upcoming games for the VR headset, which will take place on June 3rd. Don't miss the State of Play broadcast.

PlayStation VR 2 Pre-Orders

The PS5 still continues to have inventory issues even a few years after its release, so we can assume the same thing will happen with PSVR 2. You will need to go to the official PSVR 2 website to receive notifications from Sony about the availability of Vr2. Sign in to their website, then scroll to the bottom of the page to find the option to receive email alerts.

Although we do not know when PSVR 2 will be released, we have a lot of information about its technical specifications. Since it was announced in 2021, we've learned:

  • Eye tracking cameras will follow your line of sight
  • Four integrated cameras will track your body position and DualSense controller in real time
  • It will provide 120 x 2000 resolution per eye along with OLED HDR displays and 2040 Hz refresh rates
  • PSVR2 will have a 110-degree field of view.
  • Can connect to your PS5 with a single USB-C cable
  • PSVR2 will feature a stylish new design and new Sense controllers with adaptive triggers and haptic feedback


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