Prime Gaming has leaked their new VALORANT agent!

VALORANT players got their first look at the upcoming agent on the VALORANT Prime Gaming loot page, which features an image of the new character that probably shouldn't be released yet.

A new VALORANT agent is always an exciting change because they can shake up the meta and breathe new life into the game. Agents are often given easter eggs for months before they are officially revealed, and players are given cryptic clues to decipher.

The next agent has been confirmed to be Filipino and will likely have an electric-based skill set, according to a recent blog post. The post also showed the agent's shoes, and one of them had a lightning line under the sole.

Fans can visit the Prime Gaming VALORANT page to claim in-game items such as sprays and weapon charms. However, the page featured a picture of an agent never seen before today, the new agent is expected to arrive in 2022.

Riot Games has not officially announced the new agent, and it is unclear whether this was unintentionally leaked by Amazon. But fans can enjoy the last day of 2021 with a first look at the next agent arriving at VALORANT.


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