PS4 internal battery issue fixed by Sony

Sony apparently fixed the issue with the 9.00 firmware update.

PS4 internal battery issue has apparently been fixed by Sony.

If you are not familiar with the problem here, it was reported earlier this year that the internal battery of the PS4 console will inevitably die after a certain period of time. This is a pretty big deal, as PS4 gamers can't hope to start a game without the internal CMOS battery working and keeping track of the date and time unless the PS4 is permanently connected to the PlayStation Network to sync the date and time.

But what if Sony inevitably decides to shut down the PlayStation Store and PSN functions for PS4? This means that existing PS4 consoles without a functional CMS battery will not be able to launch any games, effectively rendering them redundant. After all, there are over 100 million PS4 consoles in the world.

But Modern Vintage Gamer on YouTube claims that this issue is now resolved with the PS4 CMOS battery dead. The YouTube channel shows in an excellent breakdown video how removing a CMOS battery on the PS4 while disconnecting it from the PSN immediately stops the console from launching downloaded or disc-based games.

The YouTube channel heard reports that the latest 4 firmware update for PS9.00 actually fixed this issue and decided to put the rumors to the test. It turns out that PlayStation has completely fixed the issue, allowing PS4 users without a built-in CMOS battery and PSN connection to launch and play both digital and disc-based games. It's nothing short of great news for all PS4 owners, and something Modern Vintage Gamer lauded Sony for getting it fixed.


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