PUBG Mobile May Update: New State Released.

New State Mobile continues to receive regular updates. 3 seasons With the latest update that came with the start of the game, a new map, a new weapon, a battle level system, an action feature, a new Survivor Pass and offers more in the new season.

If you wish, new PUBG New State Let's take a closer look at the key features in the update. The newest map in the game underbridgeRound Death Game mode is also available. opened for use. Watchtowers have been placed in each camp to allow players to locate enemies from afar. Unlike the previously released Arena for Round of Death Game, Care Packs underbridgeIt won't show up.

By viewing the Patch Note video below Mayıs You can quickly check the update information.‎

Round of Death Game Arrives in Underbridge

new pubg new state update

The new RDM map Underbridge is now available.‎

  • ‎Underbridge features 4v4 combat with a shrinking blue zone.‎
  • ‎You can enjoy medium to long range combat using SRs and DMRs to your heart's content.‎
  • ‎There are watchtowers that can be used to locate the enemy and allow tactical strategies.‎
  • ‎To cross the enemy lines, you must go through the puddle in the center.‎
  • ‎The following items are awarded to players on each round:‎
    • ‎Deployable Shield: Wide Type‎
    • ‎1 Frag Granada‎
    • ‎1 Smoke Grenade‎
    • ‎1 Poison Grenade‎
    • ‎1 Shock Grenade‎

With the New Leveling System in Death Round, players now earn battle XP based on the results of the Team/Death Round match, including winning, losing, killing, and dealing damage. Players and teammates who leave the match during a fight will not be eligible to receive battle XP.

  • ‎Added Level System to Deathmatch‎
    • ‎Added Battle Levels that can be upgraded by playing Deathmatch (TDM, RDM).‎
  • ‎Battle Level Exp.‎
    • ‎Awarded based on experience, Victory / Defeat and player's performance.‎
    • ‎Up to 100 Exp can be rewarded each time.‎
    • ‎Players who leave a match do not receive Exp.‎
    • ‎Battle Level Rewards‎
    • ‎You can receive BP and Customization Kits as Battle Level Rewards, and Customization Kits are available through Weapon Presets.‎
    • ‎Customization‎
    • ‎You can now also use Customizations in Deathmatch.‎
    • ‎Spend a Customization Kit to unlock the customization option for a weapon.‎
    • ‎Unlocking customizations is permanent and you cannot cancel the kit and reapply it to a different option.‎

New PUBG New State in the update M110A1 A brand new weapon called the game has also been added to the game. The DMR uses 7.62mm ammo and has the fastest projectile velocity of any DMR in the game. The M110A1 balances powerful damage output with constant recoil and includes a variety of add-on accessories, including scope, magazine, barrel and gun pad mount.

Another innovation piggy back on the other hand, will now allow players to carry knocked-out players (both team and enemies) on their back and transport them to a safe zone.

New Action: Move‎

  • ‎Move function added‎
  • ‎Added a new Move function.‎
  • ‎You can tap the Move button to move and move knocked-out players.‎
  • ‎You can target both allies and enemies alike.‎
  • ‎You cannot pull over-the-shoulder and ADS while carrying one. It is possible to light a fire only standing up.‎
  • ‎You cannot use healing items or throwables while carrying someone.‎
  • ‎You cannot use certain actions such as crouching, prone, rolling while carrying someone.‎
  • ‎Shoots against the carried player will progress progressively and deal direct damage to the player carrying the knocked out player.‎

Finally, with the New State May update ‎Added a door action when entering/exiting vehicles‎ The door will now have an on/off animation.‎ Also from the team Paul Rubin from New State Mobile with a new Survivor Pass offers. Players complete all the story missions released each week. Paul Rubin's costumes and character appearance. If you wish, all patch notes from this page .

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