A Bug That Caused Players To Be Immortal In PUBG Mobile PMPL Tournament!

With each update, a bug or two may appear in PUBG Mobile, but the last one may be the most annoying. A rather large bug appeared in the game that caused players to become immortal, but Tencent fixed it with a patch earlier today.

The bug also occurred during the ongoing PUBG Mobile Pro Leagues (PMPL) in North America and Indonesia. In Game XNUMX of the second day of PMPL North America, Lazarus players ISSAJATT and Joey faced this bug and were unable to knock down Vamp's Benny despite clear shots. Lazarus' in-game leader clips player-acquired clips Instagramand urged Tencent to fix this issue. In these clips, it's clear that Lazarus' players deal damage, but Benny takes no damage from these hits.

The same issue occurred on the fourth day of the third week of PMPL Indonesia. Onic player NiKK became immortal on Erangel towards the end of the match, and this bug knocked out Bigetron players uHighboyOP, Luxy, and Zuxxy. PUBG Mobile Esports Indonesia later announced that it was conducting an internal investigation into the incident and said an official decision would be announced soon.

Tencent announced today that it has fixed the issue with a new patch. The company added that its esports team will address the competitive part of the issue. It remains to be seen whether some compensation points will be awarded to the affected teams.


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