Rainbow Six Siege Halloween Event Returns with New Monster Skins.

The Doctor's Curse event returns, giving several operators a more terrifying look and bringing back the exclusive hide-and-seek game mode.

Rainbow Six Siege's Halloween event Doctor's Curse returns tomorrow with even more monsters. The event will run from October 12 to November 2, featuring a hide-and-seek event mode, Doctor's Curse, and an updated collection of events with new returning skins.

The Special Doctor's Curse mod includes the usual 5v5 multiplayer mode, except none of the characters have weapons. Instead, attackers all have access to a special sledgehammer and one of three devices to hunt monsters. Attackers can choose Jackal, Lion, or Sled equipped with Heart Rate's Cardiac Sensor to hunt monsters hiding in the castle.

On the defender side, each character also has access to their gadgets and a secondary ability called Nightstride, which allows them to gain a temporary speed boost and become invisible. Defenders cannot attack, so they must survive to win the round. The defenders include Aruni as a carnivorous plant, Melusi as a howling ghost, Smoke as a sewer creature, Kapkan as a reaper, Frost as a demon, Lesion as a zombie, and Ela as a patchwork ghoul.

All monster and attacker skins are included in the Doctor's Curse collection for a total of 48 items. Items can be obtained by purchasing packs for 300 R6 Credits (approximately $3) or 12500 Celebrities. Some items can be purchased in separate packs for 1680 R6 Credits.


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