Rainbow Six Siege: Ranked Ranking System Announced.

in Rainbow Six Siege Ranked play can be confusing at times, but mostly because of the complex ranking system.

Some players scratched their heads, wondering why they had landed in an unexpected queue after playing the placement matches.

Here Siege A summary of the ranking system.

of siege The ranked game is unlocked after players reach level 50 and consists of a wide variety of levels. The order from bottom to top is as follows:

Rank Required MMR

Copper V 0 to 1100

Copper IV 1100 to 1200

Copper III 1200 to 1300

Copper II 1300 – 1400

Copper I 1400 to 1500

Bronze V 1500 to 1600

Bronze IV 1600 to 1700

Bronze III 1700 – 1800

Bronze II 1800 to 1900

Bronze I 1900 to 2000

Silver V 2000 to 2100

Silver IV 2100 to 2200

Silver III 2200 to 2300

Silver II 2300 to 2400

Silver I 2400 to 2500

Gold III 2600 to 2800

Gold II 2800 to 3000

Gold I 3000 to 3200

Platinum III 3200 to 3600

Platinum II 3600 to 4000

Platinum I 4000 to 4400

Diamond 4400 to 5000

Champion 5000+


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