Razer Releases New Gaming Chairs

Razer, the technology company known for its gaming accessories, has introduced new versions of some premium gaming chairs, including new fabric options.

Gamers have many options available to them when looking for gaming accessories. There are numerous companies on the market with a wide variety of products, from Bluetooth headphones to third-party controllers. Although all these accessories are important for the players to have the best gaming experience, perhaps one of the most critical equipment is the gaming chair. Recently, the popular game technology company Razer has released new versions of some gaming chairs.

Razer has launched a new version by adding the company logo on the head. The manufacturer aims to give gamers more options when choosing a gaming chair. According to Razer, this newest version from Iskur is made from a very soft fabric for a plush feel. The company noted that this version of the chair is spill-proof, even though it's covered with a material consisting of densely woven yarn. Some of the other features featured in Razer gaming chairs include adjustable lumbar support, high-density foam cushions, and customizable armrests.

The ergonomic Iskur series gaming chairs are built to provide a premium feel and consequently retail at a higher price than some other options on the market. The gaming chair is on sale for $499. However, the company is looking to accommodate players of different sizes, as Iskur Fabric and the original Iskur come in an all-new XL size. This extra size option increases the chair's area by 15% and supports players up to 6' 8" (208 cm) high and 396 lbs (180 kg). This larger version of the chair also carries a larger price tag of $599. These new chairs are now available for purchase at, RazerStore locations, and select retailers.


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