Razer Announces New Xbox and PlayStation Accessories!

The Razer Kaira X is a budget-friendly headset for consoles. Razer has also revealed new charging stands for Xbox controllers.

Although mostly known for its PC suite, Razer has taken a step in the console space in recent years with headsets and controllers, including the newly released Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma. Now Razer is adding a new budget-oriented headset and charging stands for Xbox controllers to its console lineup. The Razer Kaira X, a new wired headset for Xbox and PlayStation, is currently available for just $60.

Razer Kaira X Wired Headphones

$ 60

Kaira X has models exclusive to Xbox and PlayStation. The Xbox version is available in Electric Volt, Pulse Red, and Shock Blue, along with black and white to match the current official line of Xbox controllers. Meanwhile, the PlayStation version matches the white DualSense controller. These headphones are universal as they connect via a 3,5mm audio cable and also work on PC, Switch and mobile devices.

Kaira X features Razer's TriForce 50m drivers and a HyperClear Cardioid microphone. The earphones use the same memory foam material seen in Razer's higher-end earphones like the Kaira Pro. If you're looking for a gaming headset that can be used across all platforms, but don't want a lot of money, the Kaira X looks like a solid option - as long as you don't mind a wired connection.

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Universal Quick Charge Stand for Xbox

$ 40

Razer's new Universal Quick Charge Stand offers gamers a stylish charging stand option for Xbox Series X and Xbox One controllers. Charging stands are also available on all current Xbox Series X controllers. A special edition Aqua Shift stand is available at Microsoft Store and Best Buy. These are officially licensed by Microsoft and pair perfectly with controllers. Each one costs $40 and is compatible with all official Xbox controllers except the Elite Series 2.

In addition to the brand new products, Razer is releasing white versions of three products available for the Xbox: the Razer Kaira headset ($100), the Kaira Pro headset ($150), and the Razer Wolverine V2 controller ($100).


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