Resident Evil 4 VR is out on October 21!

But only on Oculus Quest 2.

The virtual reality version of Resident Evil 4 will launch on Facebook's Oculus Quest 21 headset on October 2.

Resident Evil 4 VR was announced earlier this year. But Facebook and Capcom, as well as third-party development studio Armature, have offered only a glimpse of its gameplay, including a short trailer. It adapts the content of the original game from a (mostly) first-person perspective and reconfigures it to take advantage of VR motion controls.

Armature's Resident Evil 4makes a somewhat complex series of minor changes to the original 2005 horror game. Resident Evil 2's It was supposed to have the same narrative content and world design, rather than the kind of overhaul it did in 2019. But it has been redesigned to work as a first-person VR game with a motion controller. You will interact with weapons, items and puzzles using your hands. Your health will appear on a wristwatch instead of a screen overlay. And besides moving with the analog stick on an Oculus Touch controller, you'll be able to teleport or walk in room-scale VR.

The new design could impact the game in some notable ways. For example, you can use weapons in both hands and it seems much easier to switch between them. Instead of pressing a button, you'll use a knife to physically cut your controller at enemies. And a gameplay video shows you moving around while shooting, which is a big change from the original design.

The game isn't entirely first-person, though. According to Facebook, Resident Evil 4's All cutscenes, including those tied to many quick-time events, will be presented in their original third-person format. Based on Facebook's description, the game features surprisingly fast camera shifts – for example, you can kick a door with a button and see a short third-person animation as it opens.

Facebook says the original quick event layouts and animations will remain the same, although some actions have been "updated" to work better in VR. (We'll have to wait to see how the more acrobatic parts of the game turn into a title.) Some of the quick time events involve moving the controllers quickly, while others will require you to pull their triggers at the same time.

Other tweaks will make sense in any remaster. The game's textures have been updated, and Armature has made it less likely to target your partner Ashley, which you'll spend a lot of time protecting in both versions of the game.

Unlike most Quest games, Resident Evil 4 VR , it is not compatible with the original 2019 Quest – it is completely exclusive to the 2020 Quest 2. Facebook also doesn't share any potential plans to bring it to Oculus' desktop platform and hasn't gotten into any discussion about it. of myst The game is coming to desktop PC or consoles, as the Oculus Quest version later launches outside of VR. However, the original Resident Evil 4's If you're interested in a better looking version, there's always an unofficial HD remaster of the game.


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