Riot Games will make it easy to move up the League in Valorant next season!

Ranking higher in VALORANT may be a little easier next season.

Riot touched on VALORANT's ranked distribution in today's developer blog post, explaining that there are currently too many players in the lower ranks. The changes made to the tac shooter's mathcmaker to improve game fairness seem to have also affected everyone's MMR and reduced it by a small percentage.

In the image below you can see the current rank distribution:

The rank distribution targeted by Riot Games in this picture:

According to Jon ÔÇťEvrMoarÔÇŁ Walker, ÔÇťNow that we have collected enough data, we can safely say that there are too many people in our lower ranks and not enough in our higher ranksÔÇŁ. ÔÇťSince the standings are dependent on your MMR, this resulted in the entire player base being ranked lower than intended.

Riot's goal was to achieve a natural bell curve where the majority of players are on Silver and Gold. But in its current form, there are too many players in the lower ranks and insufficient number of players in the higher ranks. For example, Iron 3 currently hosts 6,7 percent of VALORANT players. Riot ideally wants that number at 2,7 percent. Similarly, Gold 3 has only 3,9 percent of players and Platinum 3 has 2,2 percent. Riot wants these numbers at 7,3 percent and 5,6 percent, respectively.

To address this issue, Riot plans to tweak the system to make it easier to climb a few ranks in Chapter 3, Action 2. While these changes are aimed at creating a more even gradation, the variables can still skew things a bit.

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