Riot Games has removed the new Sova animations from VALORANT after community backlash!

Riot Games has announced that it will rollback animation changes made to Sova after the VALORANT community expressed concerns about its impact on the Sova lineups.

Less than 24 hours ago, the upcoming patch for Chapter Four, Part Three, and animation changes and nerfs to Sova were announced. These changes sparked outrage in the community.

“We heard about your concerns that Sova's new animations are breaking lineups,” Riot Games said via its VALORANT Twitter account. “Based on this feedback, animation changes will be removed from Patch 4.08.”

I'm leaving a sample video below to demonstrate the canceled animation change. While animations have been canceled , Sova's Shock Bolt's damage has been reduced from 90 to 75 and the drone's time to mark an enemy has been shortened.

While Sova will still get nerfs to her Shock Arrow and Drone, she will no longer have new animations to interfere with her linneups. Sova was one of the original agents that launched alongside VALORANT when it launched in 2020. Since then, players have been finding new lineups and tactics in Sova's kit to take the game to new heights.

Players have found ways to land Sova's arrows at previously unthinkable points around the map and use it to shoot down enemies or enemy abilities (Killjoy ultimate, etc.) Riot recognized the sheer amount of effort put into Sova lineups and decided it wasn't worth deleting it for a few new animations.


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