Riot Games will start the application process for the VALORANT partner system this month!

VALORANT developer Riot Games has reached out to several top-tier esports organizations about the possibility of partnering with the league for the international league system planned next year.

Riot has informed these teams that there is a formal application process that owners must complete to secure a spot in the league. Riot will decide on permanent teams from all major regions that will compete in international leagues.

Several large organizations in North America have started submitting a statement of interest to Riot to participate in the application process.

According to two sources, the application process will start this month and continue until June. The final decision on which teams will be admitted to the league will be announced to the teams later this year.

During this time, team owners will need to defend their documents to Riot in order to be accepted into the league, sources told Dot Esports. As teams must demonstrate their commitment to the VALORANT ecosystem, they will need to complete a formal application, which can take weeks to finalize.

The three international leagues that Riot plans to launch for the 2023 VALORANT season were announced on April 28. The system will add a new league on top of the local leagues, and Riot will invite selected teams from around the world to compete against each other in three leagues. (international LAN leagues)

For example, North America will compete against teams from Brazil and Latin America, while Europe will be in a league with Russia, Turkey and MENA. The final league will feature teams from Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea and Oceania.

Selected teams from each league will receive a salary from Riot as a contribution margin. This figure has not yet been determined and has not been disclosed to the teams. Similarly, the number of participants in each league was not told to the teams at the time of writing.


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