Riot has revealed more details about the Sentinel agent that is expected to arrive in VALORANT!

Riot Games' latest State of the Agents update gave VALORANT players more information about the new Sentinel and a brief look at the game's mechanics today.

Riot has been giving easter-eggs about the new agent for months. A well-dressed figure known as Deadeye appeared in June's Year One Anthem video with what appears to be a sniper rifle on his shoulder. The Fracture trailer earlier this month was told in a mysterious French-accented voice. In the trailer, it was seen that two shells collided and destroyed a reactor.

Fracture also includes two pistol holsters on both sides of the map, which are thought to be possibly trailer-used weapons. The character narrating the trailer is likely Deadeye and Deadeye's work, apparently causing the destroyed Kingdom facility in Fracture.

John Goscicki, a VALORANT character producer, revealed more about the new agent in the State of the Agents update, though not specifically Deadeye.

“We took a step back and considered different ways to add another Sentinel to the roster,” Goscicki said. “An additional weapon to the mix for an extra bit of beauty, a Sentinel with the focus of gameplay on mechanical performances.”

VALORANT currently has three Sentinel agents: Sage, Cypher and Killjoy. Another Sentinel could spice up the game.

Riot will likely continue to send cryptic messages about the upcoming agent for the time being.


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