Riot says it's finally fixed "same maps coming in" in VALORANT

Riot Games is the latest today Health of VALORANT Systems he blogged about VALORANT's map issues and showed the improvements he's made to map diversity in competitive mode over the past two years.

The Health of the VALORANT Systems Series gives Riot a chance to keep players informed about the status of various aspects of the game. Today's post directly addressed how map selection has impacted gameplay since VALORANT's release in 2020.

Using data collected through players over the past two years, Riot discovered that there were many issues where players in competitive mode were seeing the same maps over and over. It continued to change map selection rates until Patch 4.04 when the developer implemented a new system for map diversity. Riot was confident that this system would reduce the number of players who saw the same map three or more times in a row.

But there was still work to be done, as a survey of North American players in March 2022 above showed. 67% of players said they've seen the same map in a row either "often" or "very often" in competitive mode. After the poll results, Riot reworked the map selection process to allow players to play their least-seen maps as much as possible. Despite feedback from the community, Riot doesn't seem to have a clear plan for a custom map selection in competitive mode at the moment, but it's open to making changes in the future.

“At this point, we are confident that deterministic map selection changes have relatively alleviated the issue players are experiencing,” said Brian Chang, Insight manager. “Our most recent surveys also show increased sentiment after the changes. We will continue to monitor our data to see if any additional changes are needed, but so far the changes look good!”

Riot Games says the issue has been largely fixed. What do you think about this situation? Do you think the problem of constantly coming up with the same maps has been resolved after the last patches? Don't forget to give your opinion in the comment section!


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