Riot has officially announced Fade, the New Turkish VALORANT Agent!

VALORANT fans finally got their first look at the new Turkish agent Fade, who has been the subject of teasers for weeks.

Fade first appeared before DRX and ZETA DIVISION faced off in the lower round of 2022 VCT Masters Reykjavik today. While fans didn't get an official look at his new kit or gameplay, they did get to see the new Agent during the event's grand finals.

A new cinematic trailer for Fade is expected to be announced on April 24.

Over the past week, teasers of Fade terrorizing other agents have been posted on social media, giving fans an insight into how the character will interact with other characters. Fade's abilities have not been officially revealed, but it seems clear that he will significantly annoy other agents.

Fade was officially confirmed to be a pioneer on the State of the Agents blog in March, and it was announced that his skill set will include "a friendly feeling when hunting enemies." Patch 4.07 also added a few new information elements to the Shooting Range, including an audio recording of the rest of the team capturing Fade.

Fade will likely be introduced in act three, which will air on April 26. Fans can watch the Masters Reykjavik grand final on Sunday, April 24, for another look at the upcoming Agent.

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