Rise Online Official Sponsors, Epincomtr | YesilyurtGame!

The excitement of the 2022rd day continues with its fun moments in GameX 3. Epincomtr and Yeşilyurt Game are the official sponsors of Rise Online World!

The Rise Online Stand, sponsored by Epincomtr and YeşilyurtGame, continues to meet its visitors at full speed with competitions, gift cards, mouse pads, hats, magnets and many gifts.

As we leave behind the 3rd day of the event, there are many entertaining moments at the GameX 2022 event. Turkish production company Roko Game has officially announced its sponsorship of Rise Online World, Epincomtr and Yeşilyurt Game, the game that earns crypto money by playing games. | Rise Online | YeşilYurtGame Images from the event:

Rise Online World

Founded by entrepreneurs Mehmet Kurtoğlu and Sebahattin Akay in 2017, the game company Roko Game, the first game of the MMORPG genre, created after a 25-year development period with a team of 5 people, was opened to access on April 15, 2022.

Developed by differentiating many dynamics on the Unreal Engine 4 game engine, Rise Online World, with its multiplayer feature, differs from its counterparts in that it contains Play2 Earn content and not Pay 2 Win.

Using blockchain models, Roko Game also offers players the opportunity to earn ROCO Token, which is also valuable in the real world, by playing games, and to shop with ROCO Token from the NFT Marketplace.

Epincomtr, one of Turkey's leading digital pin markets, draws attention with its prices and variety.

Epincomtr works 7/24 to deliver the best price to its players and customers in the fastest way.

They are working to offer you all the sectoral products that you can reach from home and abroad with their wide product range. Epincomtr is working to develop a system where you can easily find everything you are looking for and provide you with time to have fun with games, not with purchases.

Green Dormitory Game

YeşilyurtGame, which was established in 2006, has been used as a payment tool in many games in the sector and has grown continuously.
It has grown and become a brand in the sector by purchasing many websites that have established YEKGRUP as a top formation, and has taken care to respond to the needs of the player by constantly following up to date with the successes it has achieved, the agreements it has made, the distributorships it has received.

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