Rocket League Season 6 Begins On March 9th!

Psyonix announced on Monday that Rocket League Season 6 will have a toon theme and will launch on March 9.

Three months later, the sci-fi themed season 5 comes to an end. A cartoon theme comes alongside a new variant of the Neo Tokyo arena.

According to the previews, the new items and styles in Rocket League Season 6's Rocket Pass are more colorful than usual. Players can expect more energetic items like pink monsters, anvils, patched tires. The new Neo Tokyo arena adds some more cartoon-like tones to the map. Of course, Rocket League maps are purely aesthetic, so it won't affect the way the game is played.

Season 6 also introduces a new Limited Time Event featuring a Limited Time Mode, but Psyonix has been silent on the details. The studio said more will be shared at a later date.

Season 5 rewards will also arrive with the start of season six. Players will receive the ever-popular Goal animation reward based on the highest rank they reach

Psyonix is ​​often the target of community anger when the new season rewards are announced, but the response to Season 5 was much more positive than the previous season. But while some still complain, ranked rewards are rarely seen in the real game. Most players style their cars in any way, usually without any of the season rewards. Even generally loved ones are rare items in your average online match.


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