Rocket League has announced its new survival mode, Knockout Bash!

Rocket League enters the spring season by launching a new limited-time game mode (LTM) that will force players into a teamless survival game.

Knockout Bash will be available from April 27 to May 10. Rocket League will abandon the familiar model of cooperation and teamwork and transform the game into a demolition derby where eight players will face off in three divisions, with new arenas and mechanics.

The new Free-for-all LTM mode turns Rocket League's Football gameplay into a survival mode, adding Attack, Block and Capture features to the game. All eight players will try to destroy each other and when a player KOs three times, they will be eliminated.

Blocking was added as a way to counter incoming blows, but you'll have to time it right or risk leaving yourself wide open. Likewise, catching an opponent will allow you to hurl them across the arena while escaping.

Various secondary mechanics have also been activated, such as the Stun, which briefly renders players unresponsive after being attacked, caught, thrown, or blocked.

In addition to being a unique game mode, Knockout Bash includes three unique new arenas: Calavera, Carbon and Quadron. These have a translucent dome called the Safe Zone that players must stay in or they'll KO'. This safe zone will shrink throughout the game and after six minutes you will enter the Instant KO mode where each attack is increased to maximum power, players leaving the safe zone will be KO (Knock Out). Other hazards such as spikes and laser beams will also spread to these areas and can instantly KO players.

Spring-themed items like Knockout Bash, Fluorescent Wheels, Monarch Boost, or the animated Flutterby Sticker will bring their own missions to get players to win.

Gold Gift Baskets containing a mix of classic items from the Victory, Booster and Turbo Item Series can also be unlocked from April 27 to May 10. Twitch viewers can receive the Bob's Ramen Player Banner Twitch drop by watching certain streamers playing the game during the Knockout Bash.


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