Skyrim Fan Shares The Incredible Dragon Oil Painting

The fearsome towering dragons of Skyrim are impressively brought to life in an oil painting by a talented fantasy artist.

Skyrim fanarts of many genres are very popular with fans of the series. Skyrim fans have drawn, written, molded, printed and carved art to appreciate Skyrim, and one such fan has now shared a beautiful painting inspired by Skyrim's dragons.

The painting was shared by LongFineArt, who wanted to draw attention to his wife's impressive work. LongFineArt's wife, standing with the painting in front of them, poses with profile photo art of a dragon head. Inside the dragon image is the Skyrim landscape, complete with towering mountains, tall trees, and another dragon towering above it across the sky.

LongFineArt's wife, who shared her work as Painted Dragon Studios, obviously put a lot of effort into the work. The image seems to bring back memories for Skyrim fans, and many have spoken out in support of the art and wondered where they could buy it for themselves. Painted Dragon Studios has many prints and original paintings based on popular fantasy series like Skyrim and The Lord of the Rings for sale on their Etsy store, but this painting doesn't appear to be available at the time of this writing.

Skyrim's open world, seemingly never-ending mod roster, extensive soundtrack, and Tamriel's memorable characters have left players still feeling incredibly connected to the game. While it's easy to imagine that when Bethesda finally releases The Elder Scrolls 6, it's easy to imagine that players will leave Skyrim behind and move on, there's a chance that Skyrim will still be a classic to return to for die-hard fans. Skyrim's predecessor, Oblivion, still has an active player base, and fans are still working hard to make Skyblivion, an effort to bring Oblivion's world and campaign to the newer game.

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