Sony is offering free trials of Death Stranding and Sackboy in the UK!

Sony seems to be reintroducing an old concept for game trials, two of the new Playstation 5 titles.

If you live in the UK, Sony will let you try the PS5 versions of Death Stranding: Director's Cut and Sackboy: A Big Adventure for free for six hours and five hours respectively.

PlayStation owners first noticed Sony's new offer via email. “Ever wanted to try some of PlayStation Studios' most popular titles before jumping into the full game? Now you can.” Sony says the games will be available on the PlayStation Store until 28:23 on October 59, and the trial will begin as soon as you select “Download Trial” on console or “Add to Library” on the web. The Verge reached out to Sony for more information, but the program appears to be already live if you're in the UK, both the Death Stranding trial and the Sackboy trial.

A decade or more ago, it wouldn't have been so unusual to present a demo for a major blockbuster game, but the past decade has been exceptional with the rise of free-to-play systems, public betas, and a strong Let's Play community. drove the “free trial” to partial extinction. That's starting to change once again - PC Gamer has a great piece trying to think why - and it looks like Sony is dipping their toes in the water with two newer first-party games. Hopefully. This expands to more games and more regions soon.


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