Sony reveals PS5 console covers and new DualSense controller colors!

In the PS5 color universe, blue, pink and purple combined red, black and white.

Colored front panels for the PlayStation 5 will debut early next year, along with three new colors for the DualSense controller, Sony announced yesterday.

Nova Pink, Starlight Blue, and Galactic Purple are the names of the new colors PS5 offers, joining the already existing Midnight Black, Cosmic Red and default white.

Sony said the console covers will launch at participating retailers in January 2022. Covers are added by removing the original white PS5 console covers and are easily replaced simply by “[clicking] new ones into place.”

More specifically, the black and red covers will be available in January 2022, while the Nova Pink, Galactic Purple, and Starlight Blue covers will be available in select regions “in the first half of 2022.” Both the PS5 with blu-ray drive and the PS5 Digital Edition without drive will have their own console covers.

DualSense controllers are set to launch on PlayStation Direct in January but will be available on February 11 through other retailers. Other than the color scheme, the controller is the same as the stock white DualSense.

Controllers will retail at $74.99, while console covers will be priced at $54.99. Both of them PlayStation can be pre-ordered on the website. (I leave a shortcut for those who live abroad :/)


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