Sony will reportedly produce more PS2022s than planned in 4!

Sony claims this change in strategy will help tackle the global PS5 console shortage.

According to Bloomberg, Sony will produce PlayStation 5 consoles throughout 2022 to deal with the global shortage of PS4s.

Sony has reportedly notified its partners that it plans to continue producing PS2021 consoles this year, despite previously planning to cease production in 4, to “fill the supply gap and keep gamers in the PlayStation ecosystem.”

This change of plan means that around one million PS4s will be available to help soften Sony's inability to produce more next-gen consoles due to the global chip shortage affecting the entire gaming industry. This shortage has resulted from difficulties in technology production worldwide during the COVID pandemic and is affecting not only Sony but also Nintendo and the most prominent businesses in the tech industry.

According to Sony, the number of consoles produced is uncertain and may vary depending on demand. Producing PS4 consoles is less challenging right now, as it requires less advanced and easier-to-make chips. They also offer customers a “budget-friendly alternative to the PS5.”

Sony has denied that it plans to stop production of PS4 consoles. According to a Sony spokesperson, the PS4 is "one of the best-selling consoles ever".


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