Sony's New PS5 Model Review

Sony's new PS5 is lighter because it has a smaller cooler!

A new Playstation 5 model began appearing in Australia, Japan and parts of the USA in early August with a new stand design and mysterious drop in weight. youtuber austin evansThanks to 's disassembly video, this mystery has been solved: Sony has changed the heatsink that prevents the PS5 from getting hot.

The new cooler is noticeably smaller than the original and offers a 300 gram reduction in overall weight over Evans. It's unclear why Sony changed the heatsink of the new PS5 so early. As a result, Evans says his device is 3 to 5 degrees warmer. However, this may be due to a production change.

Sony uses this cooler to keep the PS5 from getting hot, and the console has a heat pipe with a shape and airflow designed to create the same level of performance as the vapor chamber. The heatsink, hard copper plate, and aluminum diffuser fins all take up significant space inside the PS5, making the console larger. It's interesting to see Sony shrink the size of this piece. Hopefully this is the first sign of the company's work to produce a smaller Playstation 5, as the PS5 is the largest console in modern history.

Evans concludes that the change is worse for the Playstation 5, as it causes more heat. At the same time, Evans said, “I don't think there is an argument that this is the worst game console, at least in terms of cooling. "I think I'd rather release the PS5," he says.

The overhaul came after Sony announced that it would no longer sell the $5 version of the Playstation 499 at a loss, and after last year's reports revealed that Sony has struggled to keep PS5 costs down, thanks in part to its expensive cooling solution. Evans only opened the Digital Edition of the Playstation 5, so we're not sure if Sony replaced the cooling unit on the model with a disc drive.

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