Split is being removed from VALORANT's Competitive and Normal map pool.

VALORANT Patch 5.0 is a major update that brings the new Pearl map, the removal of Split from the map pool, a new competitive rank, and multiple bug fixes to the game.

Patch 5.0 adds the new Pearl map, which takes players to an underwater city filled with vibrant visuals and areas. Fans can enjoy the new map in a Pearl map-exclusive mode, where players can learn the map without the pressure of a competitive match. The Pearl-exclusive queue will be available for two weeks before Pearl enters competitive rotation.

Pearl's introduction also marks the removal of another map from the game. Split is temporarily removed from the Regular and Competitive queues and has no specific return date. In a recent blog post, the developers detailed the decision to remove Split from rotation for now, and will likely return with later updates.

Competitive players will also see a new rank called Ascendant above Diamond and below Immortal. Riot Games believes that many players in Bronze and Silver don't deserve to be there, but moving players up will result in overcrowding of Platinum and Diamond ranks. The developers decided to add a new rank to better distribute the players while maintaining the prestige of the higher ranks.

Immortal's mmr target has been increased from 1 to 3 and Radiant's mmr target has been decreased, while MMR targets that set ranks below Ascendant have been reduced. Players below Ascendant will rank more easily due to the changes, but Immortal players and above will have a harder time reaching their previous rank.

The highest placement is now Ascendant One instead of Diamond One. For groups of five, the 25 percent tier point penalty now starts at Immortal 1 instead of Diamond Three, and the solo and duo restriction also starts at Immortal 1.

Patch 5.0 also fixes multiple bugs and bugs. Patch 5.0 will launch with the release of Episode 22 on June 5.


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