Square Enix has confirmed that the new Just Cause game is under construction!

Square Enixhas confirmed the existence of a new Just Cause game in development.

After selling all of its Western studios to Embracer Group last month, Square Enix's numerous projects like Just Cause are up in the air. However, in a recent financial reports briefing last month, Yosuke Matsuda, President and CEO of Square Enix, said, “The Just Cause project will remain our idea and we are working on developing a new game in the franchise.”

Square Enix didn't provide further details on the game or whether it was a new, unannounced game or a reference to the previously discussed series' Mobile game.

While Square Enix still retained some of the IP it developed, selling its Western studios was largely seen as a withdrawal from the West. News soon emerged that the sale was being used to develop new game studios and invest in emerging technologies, including NFTs.

Elsewhere in the briefing, however, Square Enix addressed the sale of its Western studios, suggesting that the move was intended as a "redirection of [Square Enix's] portfolio." Square Enix also seemed to reverse course in its comments on the blockchain, saying the proceeds would be used to “promote solid IP” rather than using the money from the sale to invest in NFTs.

Its last game in the series was Just Cause 2018, which was released in 4.

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