Big Sale for Days Gone Game on Steam!

Good news for the PC version of Days Gone arrived today. The PC version, which players have been waiting for a long time, released last year, Steam It also stands out with its good points. The production, which was released for the PlayStation console in 2019, was also published by Sony for the PC platform in 2021.

Discount news for the PC version of Days Gone

Along with the price hike news in our country, digital platform subscriptions, especially game prices, are also getting their share of the price increase. Of course, although large companies try to determine their price policy according to our country on the game side, exchange rate fluctuations can sometimes prevent this situation. This is where Steam discounts come into play.

Days Gone

With discounts, which is one of the ways to buy our favorite productions, it is possible to buy games cheaply by making the right moves within certain periods. Steam starting today with his move Days Gone 50% for discount announced that he was doing it. The discount will be valid for a total of 10 days.

Days Gone PC review and System Requirements here .

How much does Days Gone cost?

Download end date 17 April If you want to buy the game until the evening, the price under normal conditions 329 TL together with the discount applied instead of this price 164.50 TL You can buy by paying. The game's Steam page here .

What do you think about the discount? Give your opinion on the subject in the comments.

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