New Capcom Pro Tour 2022 bundle is coming to Street Fighter V!

For Street Fighter V fans, the game may be inactive because of Street Fighter 6, but Capcom is not letting them down and is announcing this year's Capcom Pro Tour DLC content.

The Capcom Pro Tour bundle is Capcom's way of boosting the competitive landscape with content each year, often by adding multiple new costumes, a new stage, and other bonuses for players to enjoy.

The CPT 2022 DLC pack includes three costumes made for M. Bison, Akira, and Seth, but most fans will be focusing on the incredible Ring of Arcade scene. This new arena brings together many elements of Capcom-fueled nostalgia, including a set of easter eggs and references to the developer's story-filled game creation history.

The backdrop of the scene includes multiple characters from Capcom's past, artwork from previous games, and more. Capcom's social and community manager Yuri Araujo gave fans a direct task to see if they could find all the references.

Alongside the Ring of Arcade stage and three individually purchasable skins, the CPT 2022 Premium Pass gives players new skin colors, five exclusive fighter titles, two fighter profile themes, and 45 new skins for all 10.000 characters in SFV: Champion Edition. It will grant access to Fight Money.

This CPT 2022 DLC will be released on March 29 with the final upcoming update.


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