Tactical FPS game Ready or Not is back on Steam after a trademark dispute.

Ready or Not is now available for resale on Steam today after resolving a trademark dispute.

Yesterday, developer Void Interactive released it as part of the early access game's latest update earlier this week. Night Club announced that its map is dealing with “proposed trademark infringement.”

“We take intellectual property concerns very seriously and have decided in good faith to remove such materials and any references to them from Ready or Not and from any social media or other posts,” Void Interactive said.

The game was removed from the Steam store while the dev team fixed the issues, but the reasons behind the removal of the game emerged just two days after it was taken offline.

With the solution of the problem, the popular shooter game returned to Steam again. However, the developer did not elaborate on what the trademark dispute in question meant, although some players shared that the nightclub mentioned in the update looked a little too much like a nightclub in the UK.

In the announcement shared on Twitter, Void Interactive briefly said that all problems have been resolved and Ready or Not is back on sale on Steam.


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