With Tenz' dominant play, the Sentinels took an easy win over F4Q.

Tyson “TenZ” Ngo's superstar performance paved the way for the Sentinels victory over F4Q today. The star duelist masters the first Breeze map of VCT Masters Three Berlin.

F4Q chose Split to start the series. The Sentinels had a hard time reacting to Bunny's overly aggressive Raze play. The ex-Overwatch pro was able to open sites and was giving the Sentinels all kinds of trouble. The dominant NA side led the first half only 7-5. Bunny continued to be a problem, but not something the Sentinels couldn't get over in the end. They took F4Q's map pick 13-9.

Sentinels chose the Breeze map. TenZ made an effective pistol round, collecting four kills to give his team an early advantage. Bunny remained a problem, however, and stalled the Sentinels' initial attempts to take A-zone. The Sentinels took the first half 8-4.

Leading on the defensive, the Sentinels dominated the rest of Breeze. TenZ provided even more playmaking and the Sentinels swept the second half. TenZ dominated the match with 32 deaths out of just seven.

TenZ's performance was impressive even by his standards. The rest of his entire team had 36 kills on Breeze, just four more than Tenz. He finished the series with 54 kills on the next map.

After a tough series win against G2 Esports to open the Berlin playoffs, this dominant win over F4Q secures them a place in the playoffs


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