TFT 11.23 Hextech Augment Sets to gain 6 new possibilities in Patch 6!

Extra regulations reduce predictability.

Game designer Kent “Riot Kent” Wu and game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer announced during today's Patch Recap that Patch 11.23 will introduce the possibility of a total of six new Teamfight Tactics Set Six Hextech Augments.

Patch 17, scheduled for release on November 11.23, will increase the number of possible Hextech Augment fixes by up to six. According to Mortdog, new table slots have been added as some players can anticipate possible Boosts, although the new combinations will provide more flexibility during gameplay.

In addition to the increase in the Hextech Augment table, each probability has a new percentage where edits will take place.

A number of other major changes are also planned in TFT Patch 11.23. The Mercenary and Innovator features will be hit with a few nerfs. Mercenary champions Gangplank and Miss Fortune are scheduled for power reduction, while Galio and Colossus will get the feature.

All changes to the Hextech Augment table will be released on November 17. TFT Subject to change prior to the release of Set Six Patch 11.23.


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