The Last Case Of Benedict Fox Announced With A New Trailer On The Xbox And Bethesda Showcase

The latest from Rogue Games and Plot Twist, The Last Case of Benedict Fox is a metroidvania with gothic flair and looks set to appeal to fans of classic 2D Metroids alike, as well as anyone who's adept at the tough combat of Souls games.

The game is about a detective who fights with demons while uncovering the truth behind a missing family in 1925 Boston.

The 2.5 visual style is reminiscent of the work of Tim Burton or Laika and gives everything an Arkham Horror feel. Enemies also show Lovecraft's influence on gameplay, and the fast-paced combat mechanics seem to reward careful timing and precision above all aggression. Things will get more and more dangerous as Fox probes other people's minds.

The Last Case of Benedict Fox is coming to Xbox Series X|S and PC in 2023. It will also be available on Xbox Game Pass, as announced at the Xbox and Bethesda event.


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