The Last of Us Part 2 Has Sold Over 10 Million

Naughty Dog has confirmed that as of Spring 2022, The Last of Us Part 2 has sold over 10 million copies. This achievement is due to “The Growing Future of The Last of Us” on PlayStation.Blog. Shared in article.

The Last of Us Part 2 was released on June 19, 2020 and sold over four million copies in its first three days, quickly becoming the fastest selling PS4 game of its time. Since then, The Last of Us 2 has received a PS5-exclusive 60 FPS update.

On September 2, fans will get an amazing experience thanks to the upcoming remake version that promises new enemy AI, 2FPS performance boost and new combat options based on The Last of Us Part 60.

As for the future of the series, Naughty Dog has confirmed that it has written a story outline for The Last of Us Part 2021 in April 3.

The upcoming multiplayer game is pretty intriguing, as the aforementioned The Last of Us standalone multiplayer is set to be “bigger in some ways” than Naughty Dog's singleplayer titles. There will also be a story in the game with a brand new cast of characters, set at least partially in San Francisco.


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