The Life is Strange: Remastered Collection Release Date Announced

The Life is Strange: Remastered Collection with improved visuals and new motion animations.

Life is Strange: Remastered Collection is out on February 1, 2022.

Announced alongside new entry True Colors, Remastered Collection revisits the original Life is Strange and its spin-off Life is Strange: Before the Storm. Textures and models have been remade with a new lighting engine that helps bring a game to life that is starting to look a little flat. The motion capture process used in True Colors has also been brought here, helping to bring a little more life to the original LiS cast.

This isn't the most dramatic overhaul. But it's a nice one, while less like a game from 2015, keeping much of the spirit of the original.

Life is Strange made a strong impression at the time, and subsequent games continued to follow this supernatural form of teen-adult fiction. This month's new entry is a playbook of teen drama and quirky American towns that True Colors has largely followed faithfully for its own benefit.


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