The Sims 4 gets customizable pronouns.

Maxis offered an early look at the new feature.

Last year, Maxis announced plans to add a gender-neutral language to The Sims 4 with the introduction of options like pronouns for each sim. This week, the team took a deeper look at what the pronoun system might look like during a livestream and announced that it will allow players to fully customize them.

It's all in progress at the moment, but the flow provided a good framework for how things would work once the pronouns were added at the end. The current name option in Create-a-Sim will be changed from “Hello, my name is…” to “Hello, my name is and pronouns…” with four options selectable from a drop-down menu.

He/she/his, he/hers and they/they/they are the default three, with a fourth option allowing you to write your own pronouns with examples of how they would work in a sentence. The custom option will also include a profanity filter similar to the one currently used by the gallery to try and deter inappropriate use.

MomoMisfortune, a Twitch streamer who started a petition to promote pronouns in The Sims 4, tweeted : “I started this, but we did it together. Thank you all, it means a lot to me and many others.” Sims YouTuber friend lilsimsie said she was “very excited to see this progress in the pronoun update.”

“This is still work in progress and our research and design will continue,” said producer SimGuruDuck. We think the feature is in a good place to get into the game.”


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