A New Adventure Game “Dream Cycle” From the Creator of Tomb Raider

Dream Cycle is an "ever-growing" action-adventure game from Toby Gard, creator of the original Tomb Raider.

“Dream Cycle is the foundation of a journey into the infinite unknown, an ever-growing portal to adventure,” Gard said of his latest adventure. “Join our exploration community and help us create a new kind of action-adventure game where gods, monsters and magic float in the spirit of the modern world.”

Don't expect this game to play like the old days Tomb Raider; It is very own experience. This fantasy adventure will transform players into Morgan Carter, a mysterious apprentice who must defeat those who have corrupted the Dreamlands in order to destroy the curse placed upon him. Players will come into contact with their hidden sides while using spells and various tricks to get ahead in battle. Or you can take the Liana Route and just go with the ham and destroy everything in your way like a bull in a china shop; dealer selection.

“When his Essence is stolen by a long-lost relative, mysterious apprentice Morgan Carter finds himself on the brink of death in the Dream Realms,” write the Raw Fury and Cathuria Games team. “As the realms are shattered and corrupt, he must track down his legendary Great-Great Uncle Randolph Carter to reclaim his power, thwart his plan to become a God, and bring light to Dreamland.”

According to the game's official description, it's an "ever-growing" action-adventure game made for those who love a good mystery. It will enter Early Access on Steam on September 7 next month. To learn more, go to the official Steam page. check it out here .

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