Twitch mega streamer HasanAbi has been suspended due to the ongoing 'cracker' controversy.

The reason for the account suspension divides people on what constitutes racial slurs and what does not.

He was slapped with a ban shortly after he ended his broadcast on December 13, during which he gave a speech in which an audience debated the use of the word to describe white people. The speech was a continuation of a previous stream in which he advocated its use.

"I've been called a cracker in conversation more than any of you, okay?" HasanAbi said this in response to a viewer who described it as "umbrella is a hateful term" for whites. “I've been called a lot more crackers than you, you know why? Because I'm extremely online, okay?"


Hasan Abi continued: “Admit that whoever calls you crackers is powerless, okay? Sorry, this is just the truth. Whoever calls you a goddamn cracker is powerless. He does it by blowing off steam as a historically oppressed person. You might say it's childish or whatever, but it's really true. Because there is no historical or contemporary pressure attached to that word because there is no historical or contemporary pressure to be white.”

Following his dismissal, HasanAbi tweeted, "Exactly as you think", claiming it was "because he used the term 'cracker'". Opinions are divided on whether Hasan Abi is right or not. YouTuber Kurtis Conner responded to HasanAbi's tweet with "bruhhhh" while industry analyst Daniel Ahmad said: "It's crazy how Twitch is responding to this non-absolute problem faster than the actual racism POC streamers face on the platform."

But some thought the ban was more justified. “While I understand that the word C itself isn't such a bad racist/non-racist slur, he clearly wasn't kidding with his use of the word and the attitude that came with it,” one Reddit user wrote. “All of this really could have been avoided.” Another user described the ban as "an absolutely hilarious outcome of the past two and a half years of drama."


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