Valorant 4.10 Patch Notes

Valorant announced the new changes with 4.10 notes. Agents whose details have been changed in the update include Reyna, Cypher, Breach, Fade, Jett, Omen and 4 more agents.

With the 4.10 patch, we can see that Riot Games has started to take measures regarding the players' complaints about gameplay stability from time to time. One of the improvements we like is that if the placed units are destroyed, the voices of the owning Agent can be heard by all teammates. This will significantly affect gameplay and map control.

Let's come to the 4.10 Patch Notes;


Agents' progress/loading indicators have been placed in a consistent location and scaled to be consistent with others. The agents involved in this arrangement are:

  • Queen
  • Cypher
  • Breach
  • Trays
  • jett
  • Omen
  • Phoenix
  • rays
  • Skye
  • yoru


Updated Omen's third-person view model to improve detail and quality.



Removed the collision effect of some pixels in the following regions:

  • You will no longer be able to walk in front of the Zone A trench.
  • Any help now you will not be able to jump over the Zone C shield without using abilities.


  • Shootings that have been processed recently on the client Firing Error Added a new performance graph showing the values. While this is the same interest that appears in the reticle bugs settings, it will help players better gauge their own performance after a skirmish.

Gameplay Stability Updates

  • Ping ve at frame rate jumps caused a bloated move rendering buffer, resulting in interruptions of a few seconds. causing this problem fixed. During this situation, you may have experienced:
  • The input latency on the server side may have increased. This means that the inputs you send are processed longer than you expect compared to your ping.
  • If there is an additional delay in your view of other players, you will have less time to react.
  • In both these cases, additional delay times are available. ÔÇťNetwork RTT Avg/MaxÔÇŁ It wasn't reflected in the graph or the ping values ÔÇőÔÇőin the in-game leaderboard.
  • showing the amount of ÔÇťNetwork RTT LatencyÔÇŁ We've added a new performance chart. This chart will help you understand network connectivity issues that are not reflected in Network RTT Avg/Max values.
  • A new ÔÇťNetwork RTT + We've added the "Rendering Delay" performance chart. This graph will show the latency you may experience due to Network Roundtrip Time, transaction processing on the server, and transaction processing latency on the client.



  • Triggered by deployable abilities "It was destroyed" lines will now be heard by all teammates. This includes:
    • Chamber: Business Card and Dating
    • killjoy: Turret and Alarm Boat
    • cypher: Booby Trap and Hidden Camera
    • Comment: Catkapi
  • of neon Fixed a bug that caused the High Rev ability to automatically stop after using Speed ÔÇőÔÇőStrip or Electro Arrow.
  • of the observers Viper's Lair Fixed a bug that caused Viper to see enemies as red and glowing when observing a nearby location.
  • Chamber's Fixed a bug where the radius of the meeting ability was not visible to spectators and spectators.
  • Brimstone's Burner (Q) Fixed a bug that caused her ability to wait and deal a total of 1 damage instead of regularly dealing 15 damage like other area damage abilities in the game. (The overall amount of damage per second has not changed.)


  • In the review screen of the transparent line on the protocol weapons, while zooming in aiming, reloading, etc. Fixed a bug that caused it to flicker even slightly in situations.

Gameplay Systems

  • Fixed the bug that caused the Agent-specific key assignments to sometimes not work as they should, even though they were displayed in their current state in the settings menu.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the combat report to rarely appear throughout the game.
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