VALORANT 5.03 Patch delayed to next month

Riot Games has postponed VALORANT 5.03 Patch, which was expected to be released this week, to August 9 to allow developers to make the necessary changes.

“We're skipping our regular patch pace this week to give our engineers the time they need to upgrade our engine,” Riot said via their official VALORANT account on Twitter. You can expect the next patch, Patch 5.03, to be released on August 9th.” said

The last VALORANT update hit the live servers a few weeks ago on July 12. The update made a few changes to Phoenix, Yoru, and KAY/O agents. The developers have also added a new smurf detection functionality in North America, hoping to fix some of the game's boost issues. Testing is currently ongoing and Riot plans to expand the system to all other regions.

It's unclear what new changes will come to VALORANT, but players can expect a major patch as Riot has mentioned that the game engine will be upgraded. The most recent VALORANT tournament, VCT Masters Copenhagen, ran with Patch 5.0 because players did not have time to adapt to the agent changes added in Patch 5.01.

Speaking of VCT Masters Copenhagen, the lively crowd at Forum Copenhagen was intense and was a major milestone for Riot Games' FPS, but the online broadcast of the event was only 786.185 for the grand finale between FunPlus Phoenix and Paper Rex, according to Esports Charts. reached an audience. This was the worst final viewership in the game's history.


The game was released in 2020 with great success worldwide. The game is constantly being updated to keep the agents as balanced as possible.

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