VALORANT Chapter 5 Part 1 Battle Pass: New skins and rewards

VALORANT Chapter Five, Part One takes you deep into the world with a new map called Pearl, as well as a new battle pass to complete as you climb new ranks.

Riot Games producer Laura Baltzer says these new battle pass cosmetics aim to create "powerful and dynamic" themes within the game, while also helping you "express your dominance on your way to victory" with new skins, sprays and player cards.

Released Wednesday, June 22, the new battle pass will cost 1.000 VP and feature multiple new skins, including a sparkly Shimmer set on four weapons each, and flaming red Spitfire skins. However, the Task Force 809 set will arrive for five weapons, including a battle pass knife, a Specter, and an operator skin.

Here are all the battle pass rewards for VALORANT Episode Five, Episode One.

Weapon Skins

Three new costume sets are added to this upcoming battle pass. In the Shimmer costume line, there is a purple primary color with the upper half of the weapons covered with sparkles. The lower half of the weapons features a prism-like design with a small unicorn logo, and this set will come in unlockable gold, red, and ocean blue color variants.

The Spitfire costume set is simple, featuring an assortment of red and black colors with flames on the sides. Simple and clean, this costume set will be less flashy for Ares, Ghost, Guardian or Operator. On the other hand, the Task Force 809 set looks much cooler and more serious with its steel and blue color variants.



Task Force 809

Weapon Charms

There are exactly 10 weapon charms for you in Part Five, Part One.

Player Cards

13 player cards waiting to be added to your inventory, including the KAY/O action figure, agents going on vacation, and some images featuring the "unstoppable" Jett


With 17 new sprays for the game, you'll be able to decorate the battlefield as you see fit!

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