VALORANT's new agent, Harbor, has been officially announced!

An official image for Harbor, also known as VALORANT agent 21, has been released by Riot Games.

Riot has spent the last few weeks with teasers preparing the release of the next VALORANT agent. These teasers include confidential emails from Fade in the Range, pictures of popular places in India, and even an audio recording by Cypher. Now according to the latest announcement, Agent 21 has a name and source for his abilities.

Harbor was once a hero in the eyes of his people before he became a war criminal after stealing a valuable artifact of immeasurable power. His real name, which comes from the mythology of India, is Varun Batra, who has ties to a Hindu god who rules the oceans.

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Speaking of oceans, Harbor looks like he can use water for his abilities, according to the teaser image. In the teaser, the agent is seen on the back of a bicycle, wearing a helmet in the middle of the battle, along with footage of him forming a long wall of water. In this water, the wall is a large dome that can block projectiles, much like Astra's ultimate wall. Riot confirmed early on that the new agent would be another controlling agent. We know that the agent will have a special skill set to take control of the territories. Harbor will be the fifth controlling agent in VALORANT, behind Viper, Omen, Brimstone and Astra.

The new agent will arrive with the next Episode update, which will be released on October 18th. After Riot decided to offer Part Two of Episode Five as neither a new agent nor a new feature, VALORANT has returned to its regular schedule of releasing new maps and agents.


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