The VALORANT Agents Status blog post shared information about the New Turkish Agent!

A new VALORANT State of Agents blog post, shared new information about his next agent who will have unique abilities.

Riot Games character producer John Goscicki explained in his blog post that the developers had the idea to replace Sova with an alternative information-gatherer "Iniator" agent, as Sova is at the pinnacle of Iniator agents.

The team worked on this concept, eventually “landing it in an area with more 'localized' pioneer and reconnaissance tools.” Goscicki gave fans the first clue about the new agent, explaining that the agent will give "a more intimate feel when hunting enemies." The blog post ends with the phrase “Everyone has a fear”.

The teaser image in the broadcast also shows a table that probably belongs to the new character. There is a hot cup of coffee or tea in the middle of the table, but fans can clearly see an open laptop and cork board in the background.

There is an image of Sova on the computer and Cypher is in the middle of the board on the wall. It's unclear how or why the new character blackmails other agents, but we think it'll likely tie into their skill sets.

Previous leaks have revealed that the codename BountyHunter has been added to the VALORANT game files and traces of a new Totem ability have also been added. The new agent will likely have unique abilities to hunt certain characters and gather information.

Riot hasn't announced when the new character will be released, but VALORANT fans will learn more soon.

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