VALORANT: Chamber is getting a nerf

Trials of tweaks and some nerfs to Chamber's Headhunter, Business Card, and other abilities on the Valorant open beta server.

Gamers have been feeling that Chamber should be nerfed since its release in November of last year, and some of these nerfs will be coming to the main client soon. Recent changes to Chamber's kit changed the agent's abilities and removed one of his two business card abilities, but these changes were not enough to lower his value to the level of other agents. The upcoming nerf will change the way Chamber is played and force players into different situations than they are used to.

Chamber's teleport ability 'Rendezvous' will have a longer cooldown on both base and recall. Initially, the Encounter ability had a 20 second cooldown, but this left a longer gap between when the teleport was placed and when it could be placed again. 30 seconds removed. Chamber's teleport radius is also from 21 meters to 15 meters The distance at which it can teleport has been made much shorter by lowering it.

Chamber's business card is a great ability to capture enemies from the flank or when entering an area. When activated, the business card slowly grabs the enemy, but thanks to the nerfs, this ability has made it a bit less dominant. Chamber's business card ability slow duration reduced from 9,5 seconds to six seconds.

In addition, some tweaks will be made to Chamber's ultimate ability 'Sharp Style'. Instead of reducing the number of shells his ultimate has, the ability will now require eight ultimate points instead of seven. Like his visiting card ability, slows received with Chamber's ultimate will also have their duration reduced from 9,5 seconds to 6 seconds. Finally, Chamber's Headhunter's shells will now cost 100 credits instead of the original 150 credits, making it slightly more expensive per shell than the Sheriff.

You can test Chamber nerfs on PBE before they arrive on Valorant official servers.

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