The VALORANT Crimsonbeast skin pack has been announced!

VALORANT has announced the latest addition to the game, the Crimsonbeast weapon skin pack.

The Crimsonbeast costume ships with Patch 5.07, which brings major changes to many agents and reworks the Fracture map. These changes come after the VALORANT Champions Istanbul tournament, where the game received a major update for the last time.

This latest weapon skin pack includes four weapon skins and a melee weapon (Hammer) with a black/orange color scheme. The four Crimsonbeast weapon skins cover the Marshall, Sheriff, Judge, and Vandal weapons, and the blade skin is reminiscent of Thor's hammer.


ValorleaksAccording to , Crimson Tribute skins will be Premium tier. Premium tier; It sits in the middle of the VALORANT weapon skins between the Standard, Deluxe, Exclusive and Ultra skin variants. Crimsonbeast skins will cost 1.775 VP individually, and the hammer included in the pack will be 3.550 VP. Based on this information from the premium tier and information from previous packages, this entire package is expected to be 7.100 VP.

Unlike other Premium tier skins, the Crimson Tribulation collection will not include additional color variants for individual skins. This means the skins will remain in their standard state with black, orange and red colors.

Another example of Premium weapon skins that don't have alternate colors are Nebula skins. Nebula skins were released with Patch 2020 in August 1.06. These skins were galaxy themed and had no colors other than the blue and purple theme they came with. According to the official VALORANT Twitter, the Crimson Tribute skins will be available in all stores on October 5.

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