VALORANT releases Spotify playlist for Fade

Less than 24 hours before it reaches the live servers, VALORANT adds Fade to its growing Agent playlist on Spotify.

Just before VALORANT was officially launched in June 2020, Riot Games announced that it has created Spotify playlists for each Agent that will reflect their personality and shine a light on the artists the Agents come from. Each of the playlists has a varying number of many songs. Agent lists are about an hour long.

In addition to these playlists, Riot is collaborating with artists to release some VALORANT Agents exclusive songs. The first example of this was with Neon, which was released in January and paired with Ylona Garcia's song “Entertain Me”. This song was used in the trailer for Neon and added to the top of the Spotify playlist. Now with Fade, Riot made the theme song that was played in their trailer this time. Fade fans can also listen to Fade's own song and 19 other songs in the approximately one-and-a-half hour playlist.

Fade's Spotify playlist has gained a lot of popularity since the Agent's teaser. Jett currently has over 33.000 followers. The popularity of the playlist will be determined by whether fans like the dark and mysterious songs on the list.


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